Funktions Roadshow Weddings

With 15 years of experience we understand that your wedding is as unique as a fingerprint and is one of the most important days of your life. So your choice of entertainment should be carefully considered.

We make sure you are happy to leave the entertainment in our capable, experienced hands by discussing your needs and requests in meetings and on the phone. We can ensure your first dance and any other activity you may have in mind can go off just as you dreamed.

Your Event doesn't just start when we arrive to set up our equipment. We put in hours of work before we even arrive at the venue, From pulling out your pre-requested songs into a separate box to venue visits ensuring there will be no surprises on the day.

Once we have the honour of providing the entertainment at your wedding we guarantee you will receive:

At Funktions Roadshow we don't believe in having a set list of equipment we will bring to any particular event or charging extra for intelligent lighting. All our shows are designed to fit your requirements and venue be it from a small 3 meter show to a massive 8 meters. We will talk with your venue to ensure which special effects we are able to use and design an appropriate sound and lighting rig to match both your requirements and the venue's restrictions. Because of this our competitive prices are bespoke and are calculated using many factors including:


We do offer extras on top of anything we include above. They are considered extras as they often take more time to set up/configure or the materials involved cost too much to include in your show price above.

Why not contact us for your wedding quote now our price might surprise you!

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